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cables and connectors  specifications


Specifications of the A/N Polarized Plug

Used in: 6148, 6216, 6141, 6146

Housing: high impact plastic
Hardness, H358/30:               13800psi
Tensile Strength, Ultimate:    10200psi         50mm/min
Tensile Strength, Yield:          9140psi           50mm/min
Dielectric Strength:                381kV/in          Short time 3.2mm
Vicat Softening Point:            291°F              B/50
Flammability UL94                  HB                   0.7mm
Contact: made with Sulfur Copper Rod HD147
Maximum continuous current capacity for contacts: 370A

Electrical Specifications

Average contact resistance*:                                               62μ_
Average change in Resistance after 100 dry cycles:            < 2μ_
Continuous duty contact temperature rise:
15°C                            94A
30°C                            133A
50°C                            172A

Short duration contact temperature rise:
Duration of 1.0 minutes                      15°C                            300A
30°C                            420A
50°C                            545A

Dielectric Voltage Withstand Test: >
1 min. duration                                   Contacts to case: > 2.0 kV
After 10 cycles.                                   Contact to Contact > 1.5 kV
1+min 300A on;
cool to ambient

* resistance measured thru both contacts solder cup on female and 4 cm from end on male contact.

These are based on not damaging the plug, the housing could get very hot if ran near the Maximum.

For <10s               1600A Based on the resistance this would give less than a .1V drop per contact.
For <1min             950A Based on the Temperature this would give less than 75°C rise on the contacts.
Continuous           240ABased on the Temperature this would give less than 75°C rise on the contacts.


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