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Charge Management System

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The Red Box Charge Management System allows the user to charge their customers for the power used whilst an aircraft is connected to a Red Box RBC6000 frequency converter or Red Box RBC5000 transformer rectifier unit. The system is an ideal platform for airport operators who want to pass on the cost of supplying ground power to aircraft on turnaround.

The Red Box CMS is operated via an alphanumeric keyboard attached to the frequency converter or TRU which transmits usage data via an Ethernet connection to the ‘back office’ and can then produce usage reports and ultimately invoices for individual customers. The data logged includes user ID, i.e. aircraft registration and ground handler I.D., time on and time off. This data is then used in conjunction with a pre-determined charge rate to calculate the cost to the customer. Because this system has been solely created by Red Box it can be adapted to the customer’s specific requirements.

The Red Box CMS is a unique product that enables GPU owners/operators to create a revenue stream from the use of GPU’s by third party customers.

The CMS system can be utilized with multiple GPU’s, and run from a single or multiple servers.

CMS Functions

  • Access control
  • Log usage and activity
  • Send ‘Power enable’ signal to frequency converter/TRU
  • Receive ‘Power off’ from frequency converter/TRU
  • Output prompts and messages to user
  • Emits usage and activity messages via Ethernet to central server
  • Maintain date and time

Back End Functions

  • Accepts messages and data from a number of frequency converters/TRU’s
  • Writes message activity to SQL database

Client Application

  • Provides authorised interaction with SQL data (screens and reports)
  • Backup SQL data
  • Enable data extract to Excel spread sheet

For more information contact Red Box to discuss your specific requirements.


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