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Large Water Reservoirs

Initially, portable evaporative coolers required a constant water source, such as a garden hose, to keep fresh water flowing into the cooler. But in situations where a water supply is not available, a cooler would need to have an external water tank filled up and connected to the cooler.

How is COOL-SPACE different?

Cool-Space Units have large built in reservoirs which allow for hours of operation without a water source connection, rather a water tank being sold as an accessory.

Low-Water Shut-Off

All evaporative coolers use water pumps in their reservoirs to pump water to the top of the cooling pads so water flows down them evenly. But when the water source is turned off or running low, the pump could reach a point where damage could occur.

How is COOL-SPACE different?

Cool-Space provides a low water shut off on its submergible pump to keep it from overheating, to prevent damaging the pump in case of running the reservoir dry.

Thick 8″ Cooling Media

The heart of a portable evaporative cooler is the cooling media or the “pads” that are soaked with water and provide the cooling effect.

Because hot air is forced through these pads the THICKER the pads are the more surface area there is available to cool the air which increases the temperature drop in the work area you need cooled.

Think of it like this.  If you were going to buy a truck or other vehicle to pull or haul a trailer every day, would you want the engine in your truck to be a V-6 or a V-8 (especially if gas prices didn’t matter)?

You’d want a V-8 because the bigger engine provides more power in pulling and hauling your loads.  It’s similar with cooling pads.  Depending upon your location, if you’re going to be using a portable evaporative cooler every day to cool yourself, workers or large areas, you want the largest cooling pads you can get for the most cooling effect.

How is COOL-SPACE different?

COOL-SPACE has 8” thick cooling media compared to our competitors 6” thick cooling media. The extra 33% offers more surfaces for evaporation, resulting in greater temperature drops.

Edge Coated Cooling Media

Evaporative cooler manufacturers use algaecide based edge coating on their pads.   This coating helps stop algae growth and mildew plus strengthens the pad edge against damage

How is COOL-SPACE different?

COOL-SPACE puts an edge coating on the outside of the media giving more durability and added strength to the flute openings, allowing more air intake efficiency and longer life. It increases the cost of the cooling media so our competitors don’t provide it.

Thick Roto-mold Housing

The next important construction quality to consider in your evaporative cooler is the housing material or the cabinet outside of the unit itself. Some manufacturers use stainless steel and others use polyethylene which is a heavy duty thermoplastic. The advantages of polyethylene over stainless steel are that polyethylene housings are corrosion free and will never rust. Polyethylene housings are typically molded and have rounder edges than stainless steel housings which have squared or sharp edges.  This is helpful say in an automotive shop or other environment. If the cooler is bumped into a car or other equipment, the polyethylene surface is less likely to scratch paint or damage what ran into it.

How is COOL-SPACE different?

COOL-SPACE housing are roto-molded of UV resistant, corrosion free polyethylene molded, twice as thick as our competitor’s for more durability, less vibration and noise absorption.

Treatment Access Plug

COOL-SPACE has a reservoir cap for easy access to the reservoir for water treatment additives. You have to take out the pads to gain access to the reservoir in our competitor’s units.

Drain Plug

How is COOL-SPACE different?

COOL-SPACE has a drain plug on all models for convenient draining. Our competitor has a drain plug on one of their custom units.

GFI Ground Fault Protection Cord

"Always keeping your safety in mind"

COOL-SPACE supplies its CS5 series units with a “GFI” Ground Fault protection cord for “YOUR SAFETY” After all you’re dealing with water and electricity!


We mean it when we say “Vaporizing Our Competition!” We believe that we are the most durable Portable Evaporative Cooler in the Industry. And that’s why we back it up with a 2 year top to bottom warranty and 3 year warranty on our variable speed motor.

Products Covered
• “The Wave” CSW-12HV
• CS5-16-2D
• CS5-36-1D
• CS5-36-3B
• CS5-36-VD
• CS5-48-2B


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