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The Red Box International group consists of a network of specialist engineering companies working together synergistically to produce innovation in design and excellence in production.

Collectively, the Red Box group have over 72 years of experience within the engineering industry, attributed in no small part to outstanding customer support and exceptional after sales service.

The Red Box group specialise in every discipline of metal working and welding, and portable and fixed power solutions for the aerospace, military, marine and automotive industries.

By pooling resources from each company within the conglomerate, the Red Box International group are able to offer a bespoke design and prototyping service. The Red Box International team of skilled and experienced designers, engineers and programmers are ready to bring your innovations to life


LD Aviation Praque

ld aviation


L D Aviation Prague, s.r.o. with a general aim to provide services to general aviation operators on the territory of the Europe. Aircraft sales, service equipment, spare parts and the related consulting services concerning the operations, technical and financing issues represent the most important part of our activities. L D Aviation Prague, s.r.o. is specializing in the sale of Airbus Helicopters, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation (Schweizer Helicopters), used aircraft sales, service equipment and spare parts. We are offering a wide range of aircraft comprising single and twin engine helicopters, commuter airplanes for 19, 33 and 50 passengers and especially a whole scale of the executive business aircraft. From the single and twin engine piston aircraft, through the whole turboprop production line up to the luxury small and medium size jets. We are able to arrange through our worldwide contacts for lease or sale of any type of used aircraft, including those of East European and Russian origin. Currently the firm´s activities include spare parts sales, equipment and tools for repair centers, ground equipment for airports, pilot equipment, communication systems, weaponry, armed vehicles, defense systems and we support the technical operation of the air rescue services with helicopters Airbus EC-135. We carry out modernization of civil and military helicopter (for Afghanistan in past years), aircrafts. We also provide NVG Cockpit Adaptation and External ligting of Aeromaoz.
Thanks to our connection to the international aviation spare parts data bases we can supply with any spare part for any aircraft.


WM Electronics
Austria and Switzerland

middle east distributor


Wm-electronics  is a company that provides high quality technical products and engineering services to its clients. The company started in 1983 in Austria with Hardware and Software development. wm-electronics offers two main product lines, electronics for research and development and aviation equipment. Our customers are small to large sized companies and governmental organizations in Austria and Switzerland. The aviation product line covers a broad range of cable & harness test tools and ground support equipment.





Priceless Aviation was founded in 1998 when pilot and chairman of Priceless, Elvin Price, was looking to purchase a tug for his aircraft. He found himself disappointed with the lack of user understanding with the designs that were currently on the market. This spurred the birth of the first Priceless Tug, designed for the user with its simple operation and rugged design. Since then the Priceless range has evolved to include 12 models of Tug, Red Box ground power units, Cooling fans and tool control systems.



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