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helicopter moving Equipment

Red Box International’s range of rotary aircraft moving equipment. These helicopter moving units offer the ability to move skidded helicopters up to 5 Tonne (11,000Lbs) MTOW.


701h & 701hl tug Moves Robinson r22 & r44 helicopters (battery operated)


709hMove up to 5.7 Tonne, 12500lb)


heli tug 20 Moves up to 2,075KG (4,500 lb)

Heli Tug 20

heli tug 40 Moves up to 4,150KG (9,000lb)

Heli Tug 40

heli tug 50 Moves up to 5,000Kg (11,000 lb)

Heli Tug 50

flt heliloader moves up to 3,600kg (8,000lb)

FLT Heli Loader 3600

Typical helicopters that the FLT Heli Loader 3600 can handle:
Eurocopter AS350, EC120, EC130, EC135, EC145, BK117, Bell B206B, B206L, B407, Agusta A119


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