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    • 400, 600 or 900 Amps continuous.
    • 1600 Amps peak or 2000 Amps peak.
    • All-Weather IP54. Supplied on heavy duty castors, trailer mounted for ramp use, or static unit for installed use.
    • High overload capability for engine start.
    • Low acoustic noise.
    • Simple operation with analogue indication.
    • Lights for machine Status.
    • Illuminated panel for around the clock operation.

RBC5000 transformer rectifier units are designed to be extremely user friendly and offer excellent power to weight and size ratio. The RBC5000 is over powered; this means you can guarantee the power this unit offers. The RBC5000 provides up to 1600, 2000 or 3000 Peak Amps, it comes in an IP54 case and is capable of working at temperatures from -20°C to +50°C.

The RSC5000 is designed specifically for Aircraft and can easily be moved around the hanger. Other variants are available of the RSC5000 and units can be built to specification. Contact our sales or technical team for advice.

These transformer rectifier units can be fitted with a Charge Management System that allows the user to charge their customers for the power used whilst an aircraft is connected to a Red Box RBC6000 frequency converter, RBC5000 transformer rectifier unit or and RBSC DC Power Supply. The system is an ideal platform for airport operators who want to pass on the cost of supplying ground power to aircraft on turnaround.


product specifications
model specifications
Voltage 380 TO 460VAC, 3-Phase with or without neutral
Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz, +/- 6%
Current Harmonics EN61000-3-12   EMC – Harmonic Limits
Power Factor 0.93
Inrush Limited to 50 Amp
Connections 63 Amp, 10 metre, 5 core cable with BS4343 plug or H/W
Voltage 28.5V DC
Voltage Regulation Steady-state: +/-5%, dynamic 0-100% step load: +/-15% recovering to steady-state within 50mS
Peak Amps RBC5400 400 Amps continuous and 1600 Amps peak
Peak Amps RBC5600 600 Amps continuous and 2000 Amps peak
Peak Amps RBC5900

900 Amps continuous and 3000 Amps peak

Input Protection 63 Amp circuit breaker with current limiting
Thermal Overload Thermal sensors located in main rectifier, transformer and power module.
download specifications sheet


model specifications
Ambient Temperature Range
-20 to 50 deg C
Less than 90% non condensing
All specifications quoted at < 2000m above sea level
Acoustic Noise
Typically 65dB
85% to 95%
EN61000-3-12 EMC –  Harmonic Limits
EN61000-6-2   EMC –  Immunity for Industrial Environments
EN61000-6-4 EMC –  Emission Standards for Industrial Environments
Zinc plated steel, powder coated RAL No. BS3020. Size 103cm High x 71cm Wide x 110cm Deep without castors
Case Rating
IP54    EN60529 -  IP Ratings for Enclosures
Analogue readout for output Amps and Volts
Status lights for input and output conditions, and alarms
Castor Version Size 118cm High x 71cm Wide x 110cm Deep
Tow Bar 1200mm long with 50mm eye (with trailer version only)
Stationary Version Size 118cm High x 71cm Wide x 110cm Deep
download specifications sheet


model specifications

Longer input and output cables

Other variations available on request

download specifications sheet



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