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FLT 57 electro (Battery Operated)

FLT 57 electro (Battery Operated)

The FLT57 Electro aircraft tractor has a finely tuned electrical drive system with single-stage differential gear and a pulse control which can be set up to allow precise control of speed and braking. Maximum take-off weight 5.7t.

FLT 57 electro (Battery Operated) Specifications
Drive System
Electric engine AC 24V 1.2 kW, Differential axis TX1, Pulse contact control 
2 x 12V 105 Ah
Battery Charger
HF charger 230/12V 18A with charge level indicator
Spring power brake magnetic 16 Nm/24V
Forward and backward:Step 1: approx. 0 – 3 km/h, Step 2: approx. 0 – 6 km/h
Loading weight: 1100 kg, up to approx. 5.7 t MTOW, weight empty: 330 kg, dimension: 3.070 length x 1.210 width
Drawbar steering header, Plastic case with driving switches, fast and creep speed, signal horn
Landing gear bracket
Electric hydraulic landing gear bracket with powerful belt winch and a mechanical safety pin, the aircraft isn’t moving during the docking
Tire Equipment
18.0 x 8.50-8

* Using of additional equipment, possibly special release through the manufacturer or special handling

Listed below are the aircraft the FLT57 Electro will move:

Beech Baron 58
Beech King Air C90/E90
Beech Super King 200
Beechcraft Bonanza 33
Beechcraft Bonanza 36
Cessna Caravan I
Cessna Citation II - S2
Cessna Citation II - SP
Cessna Golden Eagle 421
Eclipse 500
Embraer Phenom 100




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