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FLT Heli Loader   MOVES UP TO 3,600KG (8,000 LB) Battery Operated

FLT Heli Loader Helicopter Moving System

The FLT Heli Loader 3600 is a specially designed helicopter moving system, providing complete comfort and technology in accordance with the latest standards. Designed to move the following Helicopters: Eurocopter AS350, EC120, EC130, EC135, EC145, BK117, Bell B206B, B206L, B407, Agusta A119

FLT Heli Loader 3600 (Battery Operated) Specifications
Drive System 24VDC 1.2 kW Electric engine with differential axis.
Two drive wheels for high traction
Axle pulse control
Battery 4 x 12 V 135 AH lead-acid battery
Battery charger Integrated HF charger 230/24V 18A
Brake Spring power brake magnetic  16 Nm/24V
Speed Speed control, 2-steps for forward and backward, Step 1: 0-3 Km/h, Step 2: 0-6 km/h
Frames For Helicopters up to 3,600 kg ( 8,000 lbs). 
Dimensions L = 5.99M length x W = 1.36M
Weight 980KG (empty)
Steering Handle controlling heavy duty double joint wheels. 360° rotatable.
Helicopter adapter / hydraulically lifting system Parallel mounting frame with four hydraulic cylinders. 
Level compensation through individually controllable lifting and lowering for a need-based position of the helicopter. 
Side stability through continuous and telescoping transverse frames, screenless linear adjustment.
Universally adjustable transverse frames and adapter for helicopter docking. Freely adjustable, rolls guided and quick-clamping device. Skids guide with plastic adapter
Additional Equipment
Electrical steering Electrical steering:
Double castors with vertical stub axle management. Steering lever system with track rods. Electric steering thrust spindle drive, steering is done via rocker switches on the steering horn
Remote control Remote control:
With 2 joysticks (forwards and backwards / left - right)
Control buttons for docking, fast and creep speed, security operation

* Using of additional equipment, possibly special release through the manufacturer or special handling

Designed to move the following Helicopters:

Eurocopter AS350
Bell B206B




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