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702 Tug  Moves up to 4.2 Tonne 10000 lbs

702 tug

Easily move aircraft quickly and safely in tight areas. The 702 comes in two models. The LazySusan version can move single nosewheel aircraft including those with chines. The Strut Clamp version will also move aircraft with wheel pants. 

product specifications
Standard Features:
  • 400W effective power
  • 24V DC Electric motor
  • 702 battery life approximately 1 hr (fully charged)
  • Operator can easily control steering
  • Rocker switch for forward/reverse
  • Adjustable speed
  • Virtually silent when moving
  • Environmentally friendly - no exhaust
  • Easily replace batteries
  • Easy adjust handle for user comfort
  • Headlight
  • Snow chains
702 tug   702 tug
Controls and kill switch.   Strut Clamp
701   702 tug

Move most single nosewheel aircraft, including those with chines.

For some of the heavier aircraft the winch will be required to pull the nose wheel onto the Lazy Susan.

701   702 tug
    Will move most single nosewheel aircraft, including those with wheel pants
These versatile tugs eliminate the need for a specialized tow bar.

* Tug performance data based on level, smooth, paved surfaces.

Warranty Mechanical: 12 months or 500 hours of use
Warranty Electrical: 6 months or 250 hours of use


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