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There aren’t many businesses that are able to say they have a product that really does contribute to saving lives. However, tucked away in the Fernacre Business Park, Romsey, Hampshire, is a company called Red Box International.

Red Box International supply the intriguingly named ‘Snake Cam’ camera system to organisations across the world. The “Snake Cam’ isn’t the slippery customer you imagine it to be, but a search camera that is used in many types of rescue situations.

‘Snake Cam’ would have been used by the UK Disaster Response Team in their work helping with the Tsunami disaster. It is used extensively by the British Police, in particular the Metropolitan Police, and was no doubt used to search the area around Windsor Castle prior to the Royal Wedding.

Many other Services use the product in their work, including the Fire Services, British Army divers, HM Customs and the Hampshire Constabulary Fire Arms Team. A family company in the true sense of the word, Red Box is run by Allan and Frances Ross and Frances’ sons, Adrian and Paul Jackson.

Managing Director, Allan Ross, says “I still find it amazing to hear stories of the way our “Snake Cam’ is used and never cease to be proud that our product actually does contribute not only to saving lives, but also to helping keep people safe and secure in so many different situations.” Red Box can be contacted on 01794 518888 (www.redboxint.com)



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