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The Red Box Inspection 4.9mm Switchable Front and Side Camera Probe

2013 saw the RBF700 4.9mm Switchable Camera probe becoming one of our best-selling Inspection Camera systems, and here we're taking a look at why.

As with all of our RBF700 systems, the battery powered 4.9 benefits from the 3.5" TFT LCD screen, which is protected by oil and scratch resistant tempered glass, adjustable brightness/contrast settings, and a choice of black and white or colour modes.

But the feature that really sets this scope apart is the switchable front and side camera, allowing ease of use and the ability to check two different angles, even in the tightest inspection spaces.

And once you have the correct angle, the 4.9 has a handy 1.5 and 2x  zoom feature, an on-screen grid to measure distance, and the ability to video record and take pictures. These can then either to be reviewed on the monitor itself, stored on an SD card, or plugged straight into a screen through the 'AV out'.  

Being a camera, not a fiberscope, the 4.9 can bend easily without damaging- putting paid to the dilemma a lot of fiberscope users experienced- where the equipment ended up barely used due to fear of it breaking and the costs incurred. The RBF700 4.9 offers a cost-effective, high-quality solution with a long service life. It also has such advanced display features as a Night Vision boost, Anti Reflection, and an Image Rotation feature, allowing for 90 degree image rotation. 



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