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Press Release- Portable Coolers to reduce air temperature by up to 10ºC

How it works

Cool-Space portable coolers combine water and forced air to cool areas up to 325m². Fully-Portable, all you need is water and a 115V or 240V outlet.

As the weather is getting warmer, you may be starting to look for a solution to reduce air temperature in your work space, without using costly conventional air conditioning.

Already used by our customers in Aircraft Hangars, Production Areas, Offices, Exhibition Centres, Livestock Farming and Equestrian Facilities, these coolers bring in hot air and blow out cold. They don't require hazardous Freon, making them the ideal environmentally friendly, low cost and efficient choice for cooling.

These units come with built-in reservoirs, which enables them to be used both remotely and when connected to a hose. With three different sized models, designed to cool areas up to 325m², and a 2 year warranty, Cool-Space guarantees you are buying the best product on the market.

To discuss your requirements with one of our team who can correctly match and quote you for the ideal sized unit, please Email Us



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