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"Fully equipped”  The airfield Giebelstadt takes new Flyer-Truck C200 in operation


"Fully equipped”
The airfield Giebelstadt takes new Flyer-Truck C200 in operation

A few weeks ago the airfield Giebelstadt was inaugurated officially by Dr. Markus Söder, secretary of state of the finances. In order to carry out an efficient and safe flying operation, a lot of technical equipment and instruments are required - investments, that need to be decided with foresight and economic consideration. So it was not surprising that for the towing and hanging of the aircraft a Flyer-Truck C 200 was taken on the short list.

Commercial airport Giebelstadt - EDQG
- geographical position: (WGS 84): 49° 38´ 53,28" N, 009° 57´ 59,40" E 16 km south of Würzburg
- Airfield high: 298,3 m (979 ft)
- Approach procedure: VFR (visual approach procedure) / IFR instrument approach procedure
- Dimension of runway: 1982 m x 30 m

Flyer-Truck C200
Alongside an innovative design, the model C200, which is designed for aircraft up to 25 t. MTOW, also offers technology in accordance with the latest standards. The first thing you notice is the modern one operator vehicle cabin with a stylish design. The C200 is powered by a Yanmar diesel engine, the CAN bus is controlled and fulfills the new emissions standards.



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