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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 11th of February 2013

Revolutionary 12V/24V & 14v/28V Switchable Start Units

rb25a 12-24

Red Box duel 12/24 voltage start units are designed utilising a “Switch cable system” drastically increasing the life of the packs by up to 100% compared to similar systems on the market. Most manufactures use two batteries in their duel voltage systems and, in this respect, Red Box is no different.

Other manufacturers often use just one battery for a 12 volt start and a combination of two batteries for a 24 volt start. This practise is not ideal as the single battery used for the 12 volt start is put under a disproportionate amount of strain and, as the 24 volt configuration is only as strong as the weakest battery, the whole unit suffers.

The Red Box Duel cable system differs from other manufacturer’s packs by using all of the unit’s batteries all of the time - no matter the configuration.

12V/24V & 14V/28V Switchable Start Unit

These 12V/24V & 14v/28V Switchable Start Units have been designed to give maximum power to weight ratio. Comprising two batteries, the units have been cleverly configured to provide an equal amount of current drawn from both cells, whether it is set to 12v or 24v mode.

The Switchable Start Units are available in pure lead or lithium – although they are more expensive, if weight is an issue, then the lithium units are the best option.

Due to the unit's continual use, the charger comes separately, keeping it safe and ensuring the life of the pack. The inbuilt LED display shows the current status of the unit and indicates when a charge is required.

The batteries have been designed to be replaced easily, so when the batteries no longer hold charge simply give Red Box International a call to arrange a replacement.

Built to Military and Aviation standards, you can be guaranteed of the quality of this product.

  • Totally Weather Protected
  • Air Transportable, " Non hazardous"
  • Maintenance Free
  • Tough and Compact
  • No Memory Effect
  • Works in Any Orientation
  • Lightweight, Portable Start Power at Remote Locations
  • High Charge Retention
  • Long Shelflife
  • Fast Recharge
  • No Cycling
  • Leak Proof
  • Sells Replaceable On Condition
  • Heavy Duty Engine Starting


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