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Red Box International – Press release 20/03/2010

They are finally here! The most powerful, hand portable, 28VDC starting systems available in the market today.

We have been working for some time on creating the best 28V starting system available in the market. These units are extremely powerful, rugged and compact, offering the best and most durable solution to your aircraft starting needs.

The main benefits of these packs are:

1.       They are the most powerful units of this size in the market.
2.       Charging time from 50% capacity is less than 2 hours 
3.       They are relatively light weight.
4.       They are stainless steal
5.       Charger is kept separate to increase the life of the unit by up to 200%

These units truly are the best 28V range available in the world.

RB60A 28V, 2300 maximum amps, weighs only 27kg. See the web page

RB85A 28V, 2600 maximum amps, weighs only 33kg. See the web page

Twin RB60A, 4600 maximum amps. See the web page

Twin RB85A, 5200 maximum amps. See the web page

For a quotation or demonstration please contact our sales team at sales@redboxint.com.

All initial orders are expected to be dispatched by 26th April, some will be dispatched much sooner. All orders after that should revert to a standard 1 week dispatch time.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


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