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Red Box International introduces the RBSC14/28 range.

Red Box International always strives to listen and react to its customers needs. Time and time again Red Box International have been asked to produce a unit that can supply 50A, 100A, 150A, or 200A, high quality DC both in 28V and 14V. Red Box International are proud to announce that they now have in full production the RBSC14/28 range.


This system is ideal for maintenance. It now means that it is possible to provide cover to a wider range of aircraft from one unit. Previously two units would be needed therefore doubling the cost.

The RBSC continuous power range is fast becoming as popular as the RB battery start units. When Red Box first launched these units, 8 years ago they could see the need for quality DC continuous systems that were easily hand portable. With customer feedback, over time Red Box International have now developed these units into what is believed to be the most reliable product, delivering high quality continuous DC, of this size.   

For further details on the RBSC range or any of the other Red Box International products contact Phil Horn on 44 (0)1794 518888 or by e-mail sales@redboxint.com.



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