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Eurocopter rely on Red Box ground support at Helitech 2011

Red Box is proud to have provided essential ground support services to Eurocopter at Helitech 2011, Duxford, UK. Eurocopter ran a series of maintenance demonstrations on a former Suffolk Air Operations Unit EC135 at the show and used a Red Box tool solution kit that has been specifically designed for use on Eurocopter as it incorporates both Imperial and Metric Bahco hand tools. Mark Young of Eurocopter UK said “Red Box has provided Eurocopter with an excellent level of service and product. The tool solution kits offer a high quality solution to our AOG maintenance services that keeps both the engineers and quality department happy. The ground power units that Red Box provided for the Helitech show were also a real help to us when demonstrating the aircraft systems and running the maintenance demonstrations. A huge thanks to all at Red Box.”

The 2021-RBI-MSK1-S1 specification details can be seen at www.redboxint.com, along with specifications for other kits in the range.

Red Box also provided ground power at the Helitech show for Eurocopter and the rest of the aircraft on the static display. This is the third time that Red Box has been asked to provide this essential service that enables manufacturers to demonstrate the aircrafts systems to their clients. Details on the Red Box range of continuous and start power GPU’s can be seen at www.redboxint.com.


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