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Red Box celebrates the launch of the Flight Aid Tool Kit

Red Box celebrates the launch of the Flight Aid Tool Kit

An essential companion to pilots - this 45 piece tool kit is designed to assist in minor maintenance tasks.

In keeping with our range of pre-designed tool kits, the Flight Aid Kit has adopted the tool control aspect. The high quality BAHCO aviation tools are individually embedded into Skydrol resistant foam. These foams have red material backing which highlights a missing tool immediately, whilst also ensuring that tools are kept organised and free from the risk of damage.

Supplied in a high quality nylon bag with a comfortable grip handle this kit is easily transportable and can be stowed in any orientation. 

Dimensions: L (465mm) x W (110mm) x H (320mm)

Weight: 4.4Kg 

List Price: £395.00

You must be over the age of 18 to purchase this product

flight aid tool kit

model specifications
26pcs Small Ratcheting Wrench Set
¼” wrench with ratcheting bit holder
¼” bit holder extension
¼” socket 6mm
¼” socket 7mm
¼” socket 8mm
¼” socket 10mm
¼” socket 13mm
¼” * ¼” adaptor
¼” screwdriver bit PH1
¼” screwdriver bit PH2
¼” screwdriver bit PH3
¼” HEX3 bit
¼” HEX4 bit
¼” HEX5 bit
¼” HEX6 bit
¼” screwdriver bit PZ1
¼” screwdriver bit PZ2
¼” screwdriver bit PZ3
¼” torx bit T10
¼” torx bit T15
¼” torx bit T20
¼” torx bit T25
¼” torx bit T30
¼” screwdriver bit SL4
¼” screwdriver bit SL5
¼” screwdriver bit SL6
download specifications sheet
model specifications
Snipe nose pliers
Side cutting pliers
Combination pliers
Slip joint pliers
Self grip pliers, curved jaws
8” Adjustable Wrench
Ratcheting Pistol grip Screwdriver with 6 bits
Black Hex Key Set, Metric   1.5,2,2.5,3,4,5,6,8,10mm
PH00 screwdriver
PH1 screwdriver
1.5mm slotted screwdriver
2.5mm slotted screwdriver
Telescopic Swivel Head Mirror 50mm dia. 290mm closed 450mm ext.
Pencil Tyre Pressure gauge 120 PSI
Spark plug wire brush, wooden handle, fine brass bristles
M/I 3m Tape Measure  
Stanley Knife
Custom Foam Inlays
Kneeling Pad
Customer Nylon Bag with zip  
download specifications sheet


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