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Power Equipment

The Red Box range of power units are designed to offer every variation of power needed for Aircraft, Vehicles, the rail industry and the military.                 

We have a full range of start units (including lithium ground power units), continuous DC power supplies, combination start and continuous power units, transformer rectifier units and frequency converters.

Our website is designed to give you all the information you need, but deciding what unit is right for you can be extremely difficult. Contact our sales team for a personal service that will help you make an informed choice.


offshore power equipment


12/24/28 V DC Start Power Units

  Battery Start Power Units

12/24V & 14/28V switchable start units


Lithium  Start Power Units

Switchable Start Power Units   Lithium Start Power Units

from 10V to 30V DC Continuous power


combination start & continuous Units

DC Continuous Power Supplies   Combination Start & Continuous Power Units
hybred stars and continuous power  

Transformer rectifier units

Hybrid Ground Power Units   Transformer Rectifier Units

continuous battery power units


frequency converters

Continuous Battery Power Units   400Hz Frequency Converters

charge management systems

Charge Management Systems    


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