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avionics tool kits

The Red Box Avionic kits are supplied in a heavy duty, resin coated carry cases. The avionics tool kit comprises of high quality  Bahco hand tools and specialist DMC avionics tools. The avionics measurement kit contains conventional and avionic specific test and measurement equipment for use in the aviation service field.

Rb9300 avionics measurement supply kit (68 piece set)


68 pieces of conventional and avionic specific test and measurement equipment embedded in two tone skydrol resistant foam. Contained in a     sturdy black polypropylene case it is ideal for the service environment as it is resilient to scratches, dents and is shock resistant. The case is also airtight, waterproof and dustproof.

Designed for use in the aviation service field.


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rbi9600 Avionics Toolkit (84 Piece Set)


Tool case made out of synthetic resin, black, watertight, impact-resistant, with pressure equalizing valve, Inlays in two colours, red/anthracite, Skydrol resistant.

84 BAHCO aviation handtools integrated in four different layers.

The two different colours of the Inlay indicates lost tools instantly this makes tool control much faster, easier and safer.


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