Established in December 1970 as Airbus Industrie GIE, Airbus are current the world’s largest airliner manufacturer having received the highest volume of airliner orders during 2019.

The A300, which was one of the most produced aircraft by the company, became the world’s first twin-aisle, twin-engined aircraft when it was launched back in 1972, whilst the popular A310 was released as a shorter, variant aircraft before production on both models ceased back in 2007.

Red Box Aviation are pleased to provide a wide range of ground support equipment for Airbus aircraft, with a great selection of frequency converters, tool kits, tugs, start power units and more all being available. These all meet the needs and requirements for all Airbus aircraft, with the 400 Hz AC, 90kVA being the perfect choice of frequency converter, whilst the RBI9400T is a hugely popular tool kit with our customers.

Please select your chosen aircraft via the list below to discover our recommended start up units, aircraft tugs, continuous power, and other ground support equipment options available: