Founded in 1932, Beechcraft initially specialised in producing a range of general aviation, commercial and military aircraft before becoming part of Textron Aviation; the same company that owns Cessna Aircraft Company.

One of the most successful aircraft within the Beechcraft range was, without doubt, the King Air. This aircraft was developed in 1964 and quickly achieved great success due to it finding the perfect middle-ground between piston-engine and jet aircraft, and Red Box Aviation is pleased to offer a wide range of aircraft tugs, start power units and continuous power solutions that are ideal for the full range of Beechcraft’s King Air aircraft, including the Kind Air 200, 300, 350, B100, B200 and more.

We are also pleased to provide ground support equipment for the full Beechcraft range too, with our 709 aircraft tug and RB25A start power unit more than meeting the specification required.