Another Lucky Dog

Camera saves trapped dog


A DOG trapped in a foxhole for two days was rescued by firemen using a £20,000 thermal imaging camera.
The specialist equipment, which is usually used for earthquake and collapsed building emergencies, was brought in by firemen after they spent hours trying to detect Paul and Vicky Williams’ pet, Snap.

But Snap lived up to his name when he bit the camera as it found him deep below some allotments in Heywood.

The two-year-old Patterdale terrier was trapped in a network of foxholes.
After the dog had been underground for more than 30 hours, the firemen brought in the “Snake Eye” camera, which is mounted at the end of rods.

When they carefully lowered the camera through the labyrinth of tunnels, Snap bit the lens. Fire Fighters then dug down to pull him to safety.

Paul, 24, said: “I could hear him barking for a couple of hours, but then it went silent. I feared the worst but spent all day digging for him. Then the firemen arrived and worked in the dark to try to find him.

“Thankfully they returned the next day with the camera and I was so pleased when they pulled him out.”

Paul’s partner Vicky, 24, added: “The firemen did a brilliant job.”

Ian Hughes, sub officer at Heywood fire station, said: “The camera proved to be perfect for this job.”