New Snake Cam Products

Exciting Additions To The Red Box International Product Range

Red Box International are proud to announce the launch of the Colour DSP CCD Infra-red camera, with night vision and high resolution, and also the RBDVCSR-Micro, a pocket sized surveillance recorder.

Both are invaluable complimentary products to the extremely successful “Snake Cam” range, however, the exceptional RBDVCSR-Micro can also be used on its own and will capture up to six hours of single channel video and audio without recharging.   Recordings are downloaded from the removable CompactFlash card in AVI format for compatibility with many media players.

What makes the RBDVCSR-Micro different is its size and weight. Even smaller than a deck of cards, each recording is time and date stamped and the verification software checks downloaded recordings to ensure they have not been accessed or edited following their creation, making it an ideal choice for body worn and other covert applications.

Red Box International’s Managing Director, Allan Ross, says “We believe that because of its size and weight, coupled with the fact that it has the ability to record both audio and video using a rechargeable battery source, means that the RBDVCSR-Micro has many uses in a variety of environments.

Red Box can be contacted on +44 1794 518888 (

Full technical specification for the RBDVCSR-Micro and the Colour DSP CCD IR Camera can be obtained direct from Red Box International

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