Artfully Inspired Craft

Part of the Red Box Group, Weld and Metal Craft have specialised in sheet metal work and intricate fabrication, with over 65 years experience.

Using the latest 3D design software, they can bring ideas to life- from even a simple drawing and idea. With heavy investment in a large and diverse range of equipment, Weld and Metal Craft are able to offer a huge range of capabilities, including, Design, Engineering, Prototyping, Shearing, Punching, Forming, Rolling, Plasma Cutting and Water Jet Cutting, among others.

The Water Jet Cutting in particular has seen unprecedented success, due to the intricate nature of the cutter and its quality finish. Customers use the service for any bespoke cutting for metal, wood, glass, plastic foam and metal. This can include sink and faucet holes on stone counters, gates and fencing, sculptures and water features.

Weld and Metal Craft pride themselves on their UK-wide service, and competitive pricing with the best possible lead times. To enquire about any of Weld and Metal Craft’s services, and to see how your idea can become a reality, send us an email.