Introducing: New tool kit upgrades

The Red Box Aviation team have been busy coming up with ideas on how to give their customers more choice when it comes to our pre-designed tool kits. So we now offer tool kit upgrades.

These upgrades come in two options:

The ST Range

When purchasing an aviation tool kit, you can now choose to have a tool kit with a spare foam layer. The tools all fit inside a bigger case, allowing room for a spare layer. This layer is simply an uncut piece of foam, giving you the opportunity to add in tools at a later date, if you decide you want to expand your tool kit further. We provide a huge range of individual BAHCO tools, should you wish to add more to your spare layer. View our Spare Foam range online.

The TDR Range

The second option to upgrade your tool kit, is to purchase a drawered kit. These aviation kits, come in a 7 drawered case with a top lid. This kit allows you to access all of your tools more easily. Rather than lifting each layer out of the kit, you can open each drawer with ease, where your tools will be laid out in Shadow Foaming®. Each case comes with a handle and wheels, making it easy to move around. View our drawered case range online.

Contact Red Box Aviation today to learn more about our tool kit upgrades.