Red Box International at Goodwood Festival of Speed

This year the International team had two purposes at the show. Like other years we provide the Ground Power Units for the Aviation side of the show, which are used throughout the four day event and as always we are more than happy to provide them.

However, this year, as the stand was the biggest stand we’ve created at a show, we need a little technical help from the team. We needed help ensuring that all the electrics were in place, safe and ready to go for the show.

We had power supplied by Goodwood, we needed to make sure that there were supplies of it going everywhere we required power. We needed power to run machines behind the bar. We also needed power for the main lights to work above the bar and the tool shop area of the stand.

Once these supplies were fitted we could move on to the fun part, the sound system! We fitted 2 quality speakers into the stand and wired them up to a radio and AUX port. This meant that we could have music playing throughout the event, which made a great atmosphere and the customers loved it!

Not only did the International team help us with their expertise, they let us borrow their Cool spaces! These were another big hit at the show. As temperatures reached nearly 28° over the weekend, these fans were a much need respite from the heat for our customers and staff alike. Many people commented on how lovely it was to browse the tools whilst feeling cooled by the fans!

Thank you again to Red Box International for your help over the show.