TUI Travel Tool Kits

The latest project for the Red Box team comes in the form of creating custom tool Shadow Foaming® layers for TUI Travel. The team were approached by two aircraft engineers from TUI Travel, Lewis and Ellis, based in London Gatwick Airport.

Quality is of the utmost importance to the TUI engineers. The foam layers need to be of a high quality and designed perfectly for the jobs they are to be used on.

These custom foam designs were based on existing tools owned by Lewis and Ellis, however, they needed some organisation and clarity within their tool kits. Therefore, Red Box Tools Bespoke Shadow Foaming® was the perfect solution.

Lewis Rodd and Ellis Wakeling, who received the kits were extremely happy with the final product, “Red Box Tools have been superb from beginning to end. Having spoken to many other companies no others compare. They are very quick to respond to any queries and are very helpful. An excellent product at a reasonable price. I would highly recommend them to anyone in any industry looking at getting custom foam trays manufactured.” Said Lewis.

Ellis stated “After reviewing Red Box Tools, and after deciding to proceed with them I was extremely impressed with the customer service and the outcome of that they produced. I would highly recommend Red Box Tools to any company or personnel who wishes to have their tool boxes foamed out.”

Both engineers had some ideas of their own for the layers, which gave the design team a head start when it came to creating the final design. The first step was to establish how many tools there were and the size of the tool cases in question. These measurements are important as the design team need to work out how thick each foam layer can be. To ensure everything fits into the cases perfectly.

Once this has been calculated and the foam thickness is finalised, the tool layout design can be finalised. The tools are then scanned, this is done by using an electronic pen on a white board. By drawing around the tools using this pen, an accurate measurement is made and the perfect shape for the tools is created. The pen creates “Tool paths” this is sent to the CNC Router. Finally, once all the tool paths have been made the Router can start to create the foam inserts!

The Engineers at TUI wanted to have plastic backing on each of their foam layers. This is to make sure that the foam is more rigid and hard wearing, as well as easily portable. This is available to all of our customers should they wish to reinforce layers.

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