Inspection Camera Systems

Red Box International have been producing inspection camera systems and inspection camera kits since 1998. It has always been our policy to make the highest quality systems available to all, dispelling the common misconception that quality inspection systems have to cost the earth.

Our full range of systems includes Scope Inspection Cameras, Borescopes and Fiberscopes, which can both be used as stand alone inspection systems or integrated into Red Box SnakeCam systems.

The Red Box range of inspection camera systems function like a camera, or microscope, enabling you to observe areas that are too cramped, far away, or out of reach. Once the camera shaft is moved into position, the user can then observe what the camera sees thanks to the screen display, allowing you to become aware of issues that you would not have seen without the help of the system.

Please contact our team today if you have any questions regarding our inspection camera systems and we will be happy to help.