Engine Inspection

Air and ground transportation service and maintenance teams are quickly evaluating mission critical aircraft, and diesel engine vehicles, using our borescopes, fiberscopes and other inspection systems. Maintenance teams conduct fast, reliable inspections of turbine blades, combustion chambers, fuel injector nozzles, engine blocks, transfer cases, brake manifolds, hydraulic assemblies, valve seats, and much more

Fuel Systems

Manufacturers of mission-critical fuel systems and fuel system components use our borescopes, fiberscopes and other inspection systems to inspect for burrs, cross-hole alignment, surface finish irregularities, and numerous other possible defects in fuel injector nozzles, miniature hydraulic parts, fuel manifolds, and much more.

Breakdown Services

SnakeCam is ideal for breakdown companies to quickly and efficiently check the vehicle. The gooseneck and wand can allow a quick and easy inspection of the engine, or the underneath of the car allowing an instant diagnosis of a problem. This ensures the customer is back on the road in the quickest possible time.

Bridge Inspection

The SnakeCam is used to check structural integrity of bridges and overpasses. This allows the checks to be undertaken without the need to close roads or bridges. The 1.9 – 7.8 metre extendable carbon fibre poleaccessory enables checks to be carried out safely and quickly even for higher points of the structure.


Various Councils throughout England and Wales use the product to help monitor and regulate building controls. The addition of the SnakeCam to their existing equipment has saved both time and money by allowing checks to be undertaken without the need to scale heights, or knock down walls by having the camera and wand to fit through small holes in the wall, or using the extendable pole for checks at higher points. Various councils can now benefit from the flexibility and low cost of the RBF700 inspection system.

Drain Inspection

Drain inspectors can use SnakeCam as a basic entry level inspection system to monitor and review all drains to ensure structural integrity and that there are no blockages. This helps to make sure all existing drains are in a safe working order, and can provide information regarding when maintenance work will be required. Various attachments are used for drain inspections but the most popular is the drain rod attachment.


Due to the lightweight, and versatility of the SnakeCam electricians have found it very useful for multiple applications. It provides a reliable tool for viewing and logging the condition of sockets and connections, helping to diagnose any problems, and keep a visual record illustrating the work that has been undertaken.


SnakeCam is used by Fire Brigades across the country to help with search and rescue missions, a camera can be used to fit into small gaps, assisting in the search for people. This application often involves the use of the SnakeCam infra red camera to provide clear images where there is no or limited light, or a smoky atmosphere.

Health and Safety

Due to the flexibility and autonomous nature of the SnakeCam it allows more inspection to be carried out without the need for special consent, especially for harder to reach places. This has helped health and safety departments cut down on paperwork and lower costs, while ensuring the work is carried out as intended.

Highways Agency

The Highways Agency has found SnakeCam very helpful when needing to undertake reviews of hard to reach places, and structures throughout the country, including inspection of motorways, trunk roads and culverts. This has helped lower cost and improves efficiency when planning maintenance for the roads and paths within the United Kingdom.

HM Prisons

HM Prisons operate SnakeCam on a regular basis. The main use here is for checking and searching cells to ensure no contraband, drugs or weapons, are concealed or hidden in prisoners cells. The gooseneck is particularly useful for searching around the ‘U’ bend of the toilet.

HM Revenue and Custom

SnakeCam allows Customs officials to check and review the contents of all vehicles and containers easily and quickly, including using various pole attachments for rapid under car inspections. This is done by undertaking scans of all transportation, especially the hard to reach vehicles to check its contents are legal and not containing any contraband or illegal substances.


The SnakeCam is used by maintenance personnel for viewing and monitoring essential areas that are difficult to access. The gooseneck enables all areas to be observed and examined, helping to pinpoint the location of foreign bodies or tools as they are discovered.


The maritime industry employs the SnakeCam for a host of different circumstances; these include the service and maintenance checks for boats and yachts, and the continuous preservation of marinas and harbours. Marine engineers and surveyors utilise SnakeCam to check the conditions of vessels, and to value them. Using the extendable pole with articulating head and the waterproof camera inspection of the hull and propeller is made incredibly easy.


The police have been using SnakeCam since 1998 for a number of applications. Search teams use SnakeCam in searches due to its quick deployment and versatility. SnakeCam is commonly used for loft searches, utilising the IR camera it can reduce the risk to the officer and prevent the need to send up a search dog.

Railway Inspection

SnakeCam has many uses in the railway industry for track, infrastructure and rolling stock inspection. The ability to achieve visual inspection in places that are normally difficult or impossible to see, can allow quick and easy identification of problems ensuring that “out of commission” times and diagnostic costs are kept to a minimum.

The rugged construction, high reliability and ease of use make the SnakeCam a particularly useful visual aid for railway maintenance and inspection staff.


Surveyors have found SnakeCam very helpful for checking structural integrity and asbestos levels of old buildings. The product has also helped them produce more accurate valuations, and the ability to capture images and video has made producing reports much faster, easier and more accurate.

Tanker Inspection

In order to ensure all tankers are up to the required quality and condition regular checks are required. Due to the size of the container it is not easy to undertake, however using SnakeCam and an extendable pole has allowed this job to become more effective and time efficient when reviewing the condition of all tankers.

Border Control

Border Control use the SnakeCam to help with searching vessels and containers entering the Country, utilising the 26ft Pole to access all parts of the container to ensure loads are as described, and prevent the smuggling of drugs or people trafficking.


The Waterways Agency has found using the SnakeCam a cheap, easy and effective tool for checking pipes. The clear crisp images provided by the LED camera and SnakeEye display unit help locate blockages, and plan future maintenance based on the current condition of routes.

Urban Search and Rescue

USAR has been operating the SnakeCam kits for the past 7 years, and the kit has been an invaluable tool for them. The kits have been used for helping with searches in confined or disturbed areas, for training purposes, and to assist with rescue projects in multiple countries involving varying circumstances. The SnakeCam kit has been used to help search for people in collapsed buildings, and such disasters as the Indian earthquake and the 9/11 World Trade Centre terrorist attacks.

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