SnakeCam Inspection Camera Systems

The Red Box SnakeCam inspection camera system is a remarkably high quality, portable, low cost inspection tool, which offers users a flexible solution to a variety of situations. The basic kit comprises of a camera with inbuilt LED’s, TFT-LCD hand-held display monitor and Rigid Wand Adaptor, with 90° swivel capability.

SnakeCam inspection camera systems are made up of a variety of modular components and accessories that can be supplied in any combination to suit your specific application.

SnakeCam has the capability to record AV files directly to an integral SD card, laptop or camcorder, (depending on which display monitor is used). The camera and accessories are waterproof to a depth of 30m (100 foot).

The standard SnakeCam camera has integral LEDs enabling operation in complete darkness and infrared cameras are also available as an accessory.

camera and inspection

The standard SnakeCam display unit is extremely compact and has a rotating screen to enable “head up” viewing regardless of the camera orientation. Images can be downloaded for recording purposes or for transmission to manufacturers.

The display unit also has the ability to capture images and record voice data via an integral SD card. Once captured, the high quality SnakeCam images can be manipulated via the zoom, rotate and flip functions. Audio tags can be added via the monitor’s internal microphone. This data can easily be transferred to a PC either by inserting the SD card directly into the PC’s card reader or by connecting the display monitor to any USB port. The SnakeCam display unit is waterproof to a depth of 6 metres.

Both of the SnakeCam display units are protected by a Lexan outer cover.

With a variety of accessories including cable lengths of up to 500 metres and extendable poles up to 7.8 metres, SnakeCam can be used for a large variety of hard to reach inspections. SnakeCam can be easily attached to any model of Borescope or Fiberscope for seeing through the smallest of apertures.

SnakeCam inspection camera systems offer technicians, inspectors and investigators a cost effective, time saving inspection solution for a wide variety of applications, if you require more information or would like to discuss your requirements further please contact us.