Tool Control

Have all the tools required but fail to organise them effectively? Let Red Box help.

Tool Control - Shadow FoamRed Box provide a fully bespoke Shadow Foaming™ service, which sees us take your current tools, scan them and lay them out in a specially designed, 2 colour routed foam. This tool control service is available for your mobile tool kits or anywhere that tool storage and control has a greater level of importance. Simply bring your tools to us and let Red Box Aviation do the rest.

What is Shadow Foam?

Shadow Foam is a completely customisable and highly versatile foam and this allows the Red Box team to can cut and shape the foam to fit any of your existing tools. Once done, we then cover the foam sheets with a clear rubber layer which ensures that they are fully durable and are ideal for a wide range of tasks across any industry.

All foam sheets are covered with a clear rubber layer, which ensures that they are completely durable making our tool control service perfect for all aviation tasks.

Shadow Boarding:

In addition, we are also delighted to offer a comprehensive Shadow Boarding service, where the tools and equipment sit in foam and are then hung on a wall to achieve an organised workplace resulting in your tools and other equipment being efficiently stored in appropriate areas close to the desired working area.

The process will help to reduce the time that you spend searching for the right tools, as you will easily be able to see what tools are available at the time. If some tools are missing you will easily be able to identify exactly what tools they are, helping you to organise your workplace as effectively as possible.

Our tool control also includes Red Box’s Push Point Technology™, which allows you to easily access all of your tools with little effort.

Not sure which tool control solution you need?

In short, Shadow boarding is the partner to Shadow Foaming™. Whereas Shadow Boarding allows you to keep your tools safe and tidy at home, work or in the garage, Shadow Foaming™ enables you to keep your tools safe whilst on the go.

We are also pleased to offer tool boxes with spare foam included and you can view these tool kits here.

Speak to the Red Box Aviation team today on +44 (0) 2380 254285 regarding your tool control and shadow foam requirements and we will be happy to help.
Tool Control

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