Blue Flexibles


Flexible articulating borescopes are key products in the new Red Box International Hawkeye Blue line. These instruments are ideal for specialised applications such as inspection of castings, bent tubes, turbine blades, engine blocks and turbochargers.

These fiberscopes serve specialised users in transportation equipment industries including automotive and diesel engine maintenance and manufacturing.

  • 45°, 50°, 60° or 90° Field-of-View
  • Large image size
  • High resolution image bundle
  • High contrast images due to leached glass fiber bundles
  • High-grade Aluminum handle
  • Durable Stainless braid sheath
  • Fuel tight shaft
  • Standard Red Box International Hawkeye (ACMI) light post allows compatibility with the portable Red Box International Hawkeye SuperNOVA Light Source (not included) or one of the line powered Luxxor light sources.
  • Lockable metal case with die cut foam included.

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Specification Sheet

Specification sheet not currently available, please contact our sales team for details