Classic Hardy Kits


The Hardy borescope is big, rugged, and bright. The thick-walled stainless steel tube has an outside diameter of a quarter inch, and is packed with four times the illumination fibers of the Red Box International Hawkeye Slim Borescope, allowing three times as much light.

It's great for looking into the large, dark cylinders of aircraft, marine, truck, and off-road engines. It easily lights up the spaces behind walls.

Couple the Hardy Borescope with our high intensity, portable Nova light and they pump out 30 times more light than the Red Box International Hawkeye Slim with the standard Mini-Maglite®!

All Red Box International Hawkeye Hardy borescopes have a 0° direction-of-view and 45° field-of-view. A rotating 90° direction-of-view is achieved by sliding a Hardy Mirror Tube onto the scope.

A Hardy Kit contains a 0° direction-of-view scope with a 90° Mirror Tube and a Mini-Maglite source all in a lockable hard carrying case. The Nova Kit shown above adds the 10X brighter SuperNOVA Light.


Specification Sheet

Specification sheet not currently available, please contact our sales team for details