Pro MicroFlex


10,000 fibre bundle for very good image quality in such a small diameter package. Swap the eyepiece with the supplied video adapter to use on a C-Mount camera. The flexible 19″ or 39″ working length scopes use a plastic sheath to make them more slippery in narrow twisting paths. The Semi-Rigid scopes have 6″ working length, a stainless steel sheath and are available in a 0° and 90° direction-of-view.

All of the MicroFlex and Semi-Rigid borescopes use our standard light post, making them compatible with any of the Red Box International Hawkeye light sources. Recommended lighting is the Red Box International Hawkeye SuperNOVA for portable use or the Luxxor 24 light source for video.

These fiberscopes serve specialised users in the aviation, fuel system, medical products manufacturing industries and inspector of electrical flip-chip assemblies.

  • 55° Field-of-View
  • 0° or 90° Direction-of-View
  • Fits in 1 mm diameter holes
  • C-mount Direct Video adapter included
  • High resolution image bundle
  • Improved durability over small diameter rigid borescopes
  • Standard Red Box International Hawkeye (ACMI) light post allows compatibility with the portable Red Box International Hawkeye SuperNOVA Light Source (not included) or one of the line powered Luxxor light sources.
  • All these kits include a rigid Hawkeye carry case.

A C-mount Direct Video adapter is included with each Red Box International Hawkeye semi-rigid borescope. Just unscrew the eyecup, screw on the C-mount adapter and attach to your C-mount video camera. The Luxxor 24 or 50 light source is recommended for use with video.


Specification Sheet

Specification sheet not currently available, please contact our sales team for details