Hybrid Start & Continuous Power 28VDC

Red Box Aviation’s hybrid start and continuous power units combine a petrol engine with a bank of batteries to offer the slickest combination unit in the world. The weight and size of this unit is unrivalled, making it the obvious choice of Business Jet owners and operators. It allows for starting and continuous power away from the normal hanger environment so that aircraft on the flightline can be serviced as an alternative to being moved via an aircraft tug into the hanger.

As a cleaner alternative we offer the battery powered range of starting and continuous power units.

The Red Box range covers all aspects of starting aircraft and providing continuous power to aircraft. These include portable start units using lead batteries, lithium batteries are a lighter solution. Transformer rectifier units) and frequency converters are available for the aircraft requiring a higher demand for power than the smaller range of units can provide.


High capacity heavy-duty engine starting of, aircraft
Lightweight portable start and continuous power at remote locations
Starts combat and military vehicles
Lightweight continuous DC power for maintenance training and weapons testing
Tough and compact
Maintenance free cells
No memory effect
High charge retention cells
Long shelf life
Fast recharge
No cycling
Leak proof cells
Cells replaceable on condition


Over Voltage
Thermal management

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