Battery Carts

No Fuel, No Pollution, and No Noise

The TC400/28 range of battery carts is designed to give start and continuous power that is both clean and silent. With a built in ‘flashing’ light, the units will tell you when it is time to charge them. They also come with a built in voltmeter and an external charger that allows you to leave them on charge when not in use, ensuring they are always ready for operation. The TC400/28 range of continuous power battery units are designed specifically for when mains power is not readily available. They are maintenance free, with no moving parts, making them an extremely cost effective, environmentally friendly option.

Our Battery Carts are:

Totally weather protected
Air transportable, ” non-hazardous”
Maintenance free
Tough and compact
No memory effect
Silent running
High charge retention
Long shelf life
Fast recharge
No cycling
Leak proof
Cells replaceable on condition
Heavy duty engine starting
Up to 544 Ah
Environmentally friendly

Contact our sales team today on +44 (0) 1799 512800 if you have any questions regarding our aviation battery carts and we will be happy to help.


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