Electric Tugs up to MGTOW 80,000kg / 176,000lb

Red Box offer a fantastic range of electric tugs, from the smallest tugs designed for privet users, up to tugs that will move aircraft up to 80,000Kg/176,000lb. The tugs can be towbarless with a cabin or ride on platform, alternatively you could opt for our fully remote controlled tugs.

Our range includes the popular 701D model, which can move aircraft up to 4500 lbs. with ease and safety in tight areas. Another fantastic feature of the 701 electric tow tug model is that it is fully collapsible for compact stowing, whilst an optional ball hitch attachment is available for movement of small trailers, boats, and campers. Planes with or without wheel pants can be accommodated.

We have recently added a number of brand new electric tug models to our range, including the RBFLT500 RC Electro, which is capable of moving aircraft weighing 50,000 kg – 110,000 lbs, as well as the RBFT C200-1000 Electro, ideal for moving aircraft up to approx. 100,000 kg, 220,000 lbs.


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