Load Banks

Load Banks - Red Box AviationRed Box provide a range of portable load banks for civil and military aviation, including 28V DC, 270V DC and 400hz options.

The majority of aircraft power supplies are 400Hz or 28V DC, which means that our product range is suitable for load tests of all ground power units (GPUs).

What Are Load Banks Used For?

The device generates a prescribed amount of electricity draw to test the reliability of electrical switching, generator output, cooling in a data centre and more.

They can be portable or fixed, and while fixed are more suited to outdoor use, portable options have a greater level of flexibility and can be moved where required.

There is a wide range of choices too, with analogue, digital, and resistive load banks being available at Red Box Aviation.

Learn more about via this insightful blog article that we created specially for our website visitors who required further information on the product range available.

In addition, these items provide a contained, organised and fully controllable load, with the highest quality components.

Please view our full range below, which includes 28.5V DC, 270V DC400hz analogue and 400hz digital options.


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