What is a Load Bank?

What is a load bank?Red Box Aviation offers a great range of load banks from 28.5V DC270V DC, 400hz analogue and 400hz digital options, but what are they actually used for? Read on to find out!

In short, they ensure that equipment runs efficiently in the event of power outages, making them a hugely vital asset for companies across a wide range of industries. It does this by imitating the equipment’s original load, which means that it is impossible of a random current, thus stopping the treat of a power outage. Although they don’t provide the power itself, load banks use the energy from the original supplier to protect, support and test the power source.

Load banks are hugely important due to the fact that they replicate, prove and verify the real-life demands on critical power systems.

There are three commonly used types available; Resistive, Inductive and Capacitive. To learn more about these please contact the Red Box team today.

There are a number of applications that require load banks, including ground power units and battery systems, and Red Box Aviation is pleased to provide a fantastic range of them including 28.5V DC400hz analogue and 400hz digital, and resistive load banks.

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