Ground Power Equipment Specialists

Jump Start Batteries - Ground Power Equipment by Red Box AviationRed Box International has been manufacturing Ground Support Equipment since 1993.

Red Box boast a comprehensive range of aircraft ground power equipment. This includes ground power units, aircraft tugs, aircraft start power units and much more.

Our ground power units range, also referred to as aircraft GPU, has won plaudits in both the civilian and military markets. Chosen to provide bespoke power solutions to the UK military and associated equipment providers, we also hold ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification. The majority of our products are also NATO codified. Our extensive network of international distributors are able to offer our overseas customer local support and after sales care across all ground support equipment and solutions.


Why Choose Red Box Aviation?

We are a leading provider of ground power equipment, start units and aircraft tugs in the UK and worldwide. Red Box Aviation is now part of the LPA Group