Ground Support Equipment

Ground Support Equipment at Red Box AviationGround support equipment – also known as GSE – is support equipment found at airports, often on the apron, or the service area near the terminal. It is used to service the aircraft in-between flights to ensure that it is ready for its next take off. Aircraft ground support equipment, as the name implies, is used to assist aircraft operations when they are on the ground.

Ground power operations, aircraft mobility, and cargo/passenger loading operations are all common uses for this equipment. They ensure that the aircraft is safe to fly, and this is where our ground power equipment excels.

We have been manufacturing Ground Support Equipment since 1993 and we offer a comprehensive range of ground power units (GPUs) in addition to a wide selection of aircraft tugs, load banks, test equipment, and much more.

Whatever your GSE requirements, Red Box Aviation has you covered. We serve customers in the UK and throughout the world.

  • Start and power aircraft of all sizes
  • Push and pull aircraft up to 85,000lb
  • Maintain aircraft to the highest levels
  • Run load testing checks

Need ground support equipment for a specific aircraft model? Simply carry out an Aircraft Search on our website and you will find our recommendations for almost a thousand makes and models, including the hugely popular Cirrus SR22, Airbus A380, Cessna 172, Pilatus PC-12, and more.


Need an Aircraft Tug? You’re in luck!   Lithium Start Units by Red Box Aviation   Aviation Tool Kits


Why Choose Red Box Aviation?

Purchasing the right aircraft ground support equipment is essential. You must ensure that you are receiving not just the best value for money, but also the highest quality equipment.

It is easy to make mistakes when purchasing new GSE. This includes buyers looking to save money by opting for a used or lower-priced item. You should also be careful not to overspend though. It’s easy to buy a ground power unit suitable for a large aircraft when a cheaper unit would have sufficed. It is always best to check with an expert if you are unsure what aircraft ground support equipment you require.

The Red Box Aviation’s ground power unit range has received accolades in both the civilian and military industries. We have also been selected to deliver customised power solutions to the UK military and allied equipment manufacturers. The company holds ISO 9001:2008 accreditation and the vast majority of our ground support equipment is NATO coded. Our large network of foreign distributors can provide local assistance and after-sales service to our international customers.


More than just Aviation Ground Support?

Although best known for our aviation equipment and GSE solutions, the Red Box group also excels in a wide array of services. This includes shipping container conversions, metal prototyping and welding, tool shadow foaming, and powder coating to name but a few.

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