What is Ground Support Equipment?

Ground Power UnitThe term aircraft ground support equipment relates to service and maintenance equipment that is used at an airport to support aeronautical operations and related activities.

When not in use, ground support equipment is usually kept on a ramp near the terminal for easy access. The primary function of GSE is to support the safe operation of aircraft after landing and before taking off again, and is typically used for aircraft mobility, ground power operations, and cargo and passenger loading.

Some of the most popular GSE equipment that we specialise in includes ground power units and aircraft tugs.


Ground Power Units:

Ground power units are mobile power units that are used to power parked aircraft. GPU are sometimes built directly into the jetway for even easier access to the power supply. The power requirements of an aircraft can range from 28 volts direct current to 115 volts 400 Hz alternating current.

The Red Box range of ground power units are designed to offer every variation of power needed for aircraft, vehicles, the rail industry, and the military.


Aircraft Tugs:

Tugs and tractors are among the most important pieces of aircraft ground support equipment. Aviation tugs are in charge of moving equipment that is too large to move on its own, such as air starters, lavatory carts, and bag carts.

Our range aircraft tugs – manufactured by our friends at Priceless Aviation – are specially built to transport aircraft with minimal effort, and have gained recognition in both the military and civil markets, emphasising the quality, value, and significance of the aircraft tugs we provide.


Aircraft Tug - What is ground support equipment?What is Ground Handling?

Aircraft ground handling is a term used in the aviation industry to describe the various services performed on an aircraft while it is still on the ground at an airport’s terminal gate.

This includes everything from the cabin service, catering, ramp service, passenger service, and field operation service.


We have been manufacturing aircraft Ground Support Equipment since 1993 at our factories near Southampton in the UK and in Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA, and we boast a comprehensive range of ground power units (GPUs) in addition to a wide selection of aircraft tugsaviation tool kitsload bankstest equipment, and much more.

Whatever your GSE requirements, Red Box Aviation has you covered. Our solutions are used worldwide and allow our customers to successfully:

  • Start and power aircraft of all sizes
  • Push and pull aircraft up to 85,000lb
  • Maintain aircraft to the highest levels
  • Run load testing checks

Need ground support equipment for a specific aircraft model? Simply carry out an Aircraft Search on our website and you will find our recommendations for almost a thousand makes and models.