Cirrus SR22

The Cirrus SR22 stands out as the most renowned model in the Cirrus lineup, consistently earning the title of the world’s best-selling general aviation aeroplane since 2003.

As the successor to the immensely popular SR20, this single-engine four- or five-seat aircraft distinguishes itself with a unique feature—the inclusion of a whole-plane emergency recovery parachute system. This system has been instrumental in the global success of the Cirrus SR22, earning it the moniker “the plane with the parachute.”

At Red Box Aviation, we provide an extensive selection of start power units, continuous power units, aircraft tugs, and other ground power equipment perfectly suited for the Cirrus SR22. However, based on performance and suitability, our top recommendations are the 701 aviation tug, the RB25A start power unit, and the RBPS25 continuous power unit.

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