Offshore Power Equipment by Red Box Aviation - the 400A-28QUM

TC400/28TR 10400A peak and 102A for 3 hours


No Fuel, No Pollution, and No Noise

The TC400/28 range is designed to give silent, clean power. These 28V DC power supplies can offer both continuous power for a set time, and start power. With a built in ‘flashing’ light, the units will tell you when it is time to charge them. They also come with a built in voltmeter and an external charger that allows you to leave them on charge when not in use, ensuring they are always ready for operation. The TC400/28 range is designed specifically for when mains power is not readily available. They are maintenance free, with no moving parts, which make these units an extremely cost effective and environmentally friendly option.

Volts DC 28
Peak Amps 10500
Maximum S/C Amps 15600
Continuous Amps 285A @ 1 hour
Battery Type Lead Acid
Weight 500 kg

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