Airbus Military (CASA) A330-MRTT

The Airbus A330 MRTT (Multi Role Tanker Transport) is an aerial refuelling tanker and transport aircraft derived from the Airbus A330-200 civilian model. The A330 MRTT is versatile, featuring various configurations and equipment tailored to its designated role. The airframe underwent reinforcement, incorporating hardpoints for mounting external equipment. The aircraft’s cabin offers different layouts suitable for passenger transport, medical evacuation (medevac), or cargo transport. Despite its diverse applications, the A330 MRTT is primarily utilized for aerial refuelling.

Red Box is delighted to offer an extensive range of ground power and support equipment designed to meet the specific requirements of the Airbus A330 MRTT aircraft.

Additionally, we provide a combination of start and continuous power in one unit for the Airbus A330 MRTT aircraft in our TC3000 range.

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