Beechcraft 23 Musketeer

Beechcraft Muskateer 23 GPU, Tugs and Aircraft ToolsThe Musketeer 23 is part of a family of light, single-engine and low wing aircrafts, and was produced by Beechcraft between 1963 and 1983.

This was the first aircraft manufactured and introduced by the line and, during the 20 years of manufacturing, the Beechcraft Musketeer 23 has been powered by a series of different engines in order to achieve better performance. Beechcraft started using the engine Lycoming O-360-A4J, beginning with the B23 Musketeer Custom in 1968, followed by the new version C23 in 1970, which was later renamed “Sundowner”. The Beechcraft B23 and C23 can be approved for a limited amount of aerobatics if equipped accordingly, whilst the aircraft was manufactured with trailing idler link gear system and a compressed rubber puck suspension system, allowing for smoother landing with light touchdowns for experienced pilots.

Red Box Aviation is pleased to offer a fantastic range of ground power equipment that perfectly meets the requirements of the Beechcraft Musketeer aircraft, including tugs, start power units, aviation tool kits, and much more. The 701D Tug can quickly and safely move equipment weighing up to 4,500lbs in tight areas, whilst the RB25A start power unit has a max voltage of 13v DC and will have you in the sky in no time at all.


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