Beechcraft 50 Twin Bonanza

The Beechcraft Model 50 Twin Bonanza is a compact twin-engined utility aircraft designed to bridge the gap between the smaller, single-engined Model 35 and the larger Model 18. Positioned as an executive business transport airliner, the Model 50 Twin Bonanza was swiftly developed. It features two wing-mounted Lycoming GO-435 piston engines and boasts an all-metal construction, enabling production to commence in 1949, mere months after the design was finalized and approved.

Red Box is delighted to present an extensive range of ground power and support equipment tailored for the Beechcraft 50 Twin Bonanza aircraft. Our offerings include tugs, ground power units, start power units and more, meticulously crafted to meet the specific requirements of the Beechcraft 50 Twin Bonanza.

Our offerings encompass the popular 709 gas tug, the RBPS50 continuous power unit—ideal for diagnostic work, pre-flight checks, or continuous powering of equipment during operations without draining the onboard aircraft batteries. Additionally, the RB50A is available for starting the aircraft, aiding in the prevention of hot starts.

Explore our TC3000 range for a combination of start and continuous power in one unit designed specifically for Beechcraft 50 Twin Bonanza aircraft.

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