Boeing Rotorcraft Apache AH-64

The Boeing AH-64 Apache is a twin-turboshaft attack helicopter, developed by Hughes Helicopters. Productions were later taken over by McDonnell Douglas when they purchased Hughes Helicopters in 1984, and from 1997 the AH-64 was manufactured by Boeing Defense, Space & Security. The initial design came about as a response to a requirement announced by the U.S. Army, which called for an advanced attack helicopter. Proposing the YAH-64 prototype, Hughes Helicopter won the competition, and started producing the AH-64A models in 1984. The design comprised of a tandem cockpit, tailwheel-type landing gear, and a number of hardpoints for armament carriege. The AH-64’s nose was fitted with a sensor suite for target acquisition, and a night vision systems. The AH-64 Apache remains in production to this day, with orders being completed and delivered continously.

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