Bombardier (Business) Challenger 300

Introduced in 2004, the Challenger 300 stands as a long-range business jet proudly crafted by Bombardier Aerospace. Initially revealed as the Continental at the 1999 Paris Air Show, the Challenger 300 boasts a clean-sheet design featuring supercritical wings with a fixed leading edge. Its structure encompasses a fuselage and wings constructed from semi-monocoque aluminium, embodying innovation. Employing a fly-by-wire system and the Rockwell Collins avionics system, the Challenger 300 has maintained its operational presence, remaining in service today. Key operators include Flexjet and XOJET.

Red Box is delighted to present an extensive array of ground power equipment meticulously tailored for the Bombardier Challenger 300 aircraft. This assortment includes tugs, ground power units, start power units and more, precisely meeting the unique requirements of the Challenger 300.

Among our offerings is the 757 CFBO-NJ tug for efficient ground handling and the RBC8045 GPU Frequency Converter to meet the power needs of the Bombardier Challenger 300 aircraft.

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